Board Members

Section 25 of the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016, part of the Waste Free Ontario Act, 2016 states that the Authority’s Board shall consist of i) members appointed by the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change and ii) members elected by the board.

The Minister may appoint up to five members or as prescribed by regulation. This will constitute the initial board of the Authority.

The maximum number of members elected by the Authority’s board shall be six  or as prescribed by regulation.

Within one year after the relevant section of the Act comes into force, or before a later date that may be prescribed, the initial board shall hold one or more elections in order to elect six individuals.

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Board Members

Glenda Gies, Chair

Joyce Barretto, Secretary-Treasurer

David Brezer, Board Member

Ken Kawall, Board Member

Nidhi Tandon, Board Member

Tom Wright, Vice-Chair


Board Committees

Name of Committee


Members of the Committee

1. Governance

Nidhi Tandon

Joyce Barretto

2. Human Relations and Nominations 

Glenda Gies

Tom Wright

3. Finance

Committee of the Whole

4. Audit

David Brezer

Glenda Gies