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Meeting challenges with collaboration

I’m proud of what RPRA accomplished in 2022. We continue to deliver effective registry systems and compliance programs that help speed our province toward full producer responsibility for products and packaging. We also launched digital reporting services that help track the movement of hazardous and liquid industrial waste, and excess soil.

By working closely with the ministry and our industry partners, and thanks to the careful oversight of my colleagues on the RPRA Board, our registry and reporting services were built on time and on budget. 

Change isn’t easy or fast, but if we continue to prioritize transparency, open communication with our stakeholders, and good governance and accountability, we can achieve excellent outcomes together with minimal burden and red tape for businesses. This will in turn lead to effective resource recovery, and a dynamic marketplace that contributes to our economy.

Robert Poirier, Chair

Moving together towards a circular economy

I’m excited by what we’re doing at RPRA. We are Canada’s first and only regulator with powers to both enforce producer responsibility laws, and build and operate registries for resource recovery and diversion.

In 2022, we launched two new digital reporting services to track the movement of excess soil and liquid industrial and hazardous waste. These are trailblazing projects, and they are succeeding for a few key reasons:

– We have transparent and collaborative relationships with our industry stakeholders, and our colleagues at the Ministry of the Environment

– We have a good governance structure and excellent advice from our Board

– And we have dedicated staff who are wholly invested in the project of implementing full producer responsibility in Ontario for end-of-life products and packaging.

The transition to full producer responsibility is a team effort that wouldn’t succeed without the extensive efforts of producers and service providers themselves.

We will continue to engage frequently with our regulated community as we move forward, so we understand what they need in order to interact smoothly with our registries and comply with Ontario’s circular economy laws.

Frank Denton, CEO

Meeting registrant’s needs

2022 was a big year for the compliance and registry support team at RPRA.

We now have six producer responsibility compliance programs up and running and 2 programs supporting users of the excess soil and liquid and industrial hazardous waste registries.

These programs generate almost a thousand calls and emails every week from registrants looking for help to understand their regulatory requirements and complete their reports. Our registrants have told us that their experiences with our front-line staff have been positive.

In 2023 we continue to work closely with our regulated community to develop customer service standards that are responsive to the needs of business, and enhance our risk-based compliance framework to deploy our resources effectively to achieve positive compliance outcomes.

Mary Cummins, Registrar


Since 2016

    Waste-Free Ontario Act comes into force; RPRA established

    Minister directs wind-up of Used Tires Program and industry funding organization Ontario Tire Stewardship

    Minister directs wind-up of legacy Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Program and IFO Ontario Electronic Stewardship
    Minister directs wind-up of Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste Program
    Minister directs accelerated wind-up of batteries portion of MHSW Program
    Used Tires Program winds up

    Producer responsibility for tires begins
    Minister directs wind-up of legacy Blue Box Program and Stewardship Ontario
    Government expands RPRA’s mandate to deliver digital reporting services for waste and resource recovery programs beyond producer responsibility

    Minister directs RPRA to create Hazardous Waste Program Digital Reporting Service
    Batteries portion of MHSW Program winds up
    Producer responsibility for batteries begins
    Legacy WEEE Program winds up

    Producer responsibility for electronics begins
    RPRA Industry Advisory Council established
    Ministry directs RPRA to create Excess Soil Digital Reporting Service
    Legacy MHSW Program winds up
    Producer responsibility for Hazardous and Special Products (HSP) begins
    Excess Soil Registry opens

    RPRA Service Provider Advisory Council established
    First performance reports for electronics and batteries
    Producer responsibility for lighting begins
    Blue Box, HSP and lighting registry portals open

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