Current and Upcoming Consultations

RPRA holds public consultations to give registrants and other stakeholders an opportunity to provide input on decisions that affect them.

The chart below lists our current and upcoming consultations. As consultations open, the chart will be updated with links to more information including opportunities to participate.

Development of Recycling Efficiency Rate (RER) Calculation and Verification Procedures– Batteries
– ITT/AV (Electronics)
– Lighting
– Hazardous and Special Products
Ongoing – Phase 2 to begin fall 2023
Development of Resource Recovery Performance Audit Procedures– Batteries
– ITT/AV (Electronics)
– Lighting
– Hazardous and Special Products
Ongoing – Phase 2 to begin late summer 2023
Proposed 2024 RRCEA Program Fees and Fees for the Excess Soil Registry and Hazardous Waste Program RegistryAll programsFall 2023
How administrative penalties collected by RPRA will be usedAll producer responsibility programsFall/Winter 2023

Principles for Public Consultations

RPRA has adopted the following principles to guide its consultations:

Inclusiveness and openness: Engage broadly with a wide variety of stakeholders, provide clear and understandable information, and make the consultation process accessible, comprehensible and responsive.

Timeliness: Engage stakeholders early before decisions are made and provide regular opportunities for engagement on key program and policy matters.

Accessible and cost effective: Consider a variety of tools and methods to gather feedback that promote efficient and cost-effective consultations.

Balance: Provide opportunities for diverse perspectives and opinions to be heard and considered.

Transparent: Record feedback, report back a summary to stakeholders, and synthesize feedback into programs and policies as appropriate.

Evaluation: Demonstrate the impact of public consultations on program delivery and policy development.