Recyclable materials such as paper, glass, plastic and aluminum are collected from residences in over 240 municipalities and First Nations communities as part of Ontario’s Blue Box Program. Stewardship Ontario is the not-for-profit, industry funding organization that operates Ontario’s Blue Box Program on behalf of industry stewards (first importers, brand owners or franchisors) of packaging and printed paper that end up in residential blue boxes.

As part of our oversight of the Blue Box Program, each year we determine the total amount that stewards must pay to municipalities to operate the program. We also calculate how much funding each participating municipal program is eligible for based on the information they provide us in the annual Datacall survey.

We also oversee the Continuous Improvement Fund, which was created to help Ontario municipalities implement best practices to improve the effectiveness of their Blue Box programs.

Under the Blue Box Program Plan, members of News Media Canada contribute newspaper advertising to municipalities in lieu of cash funding. We facilitate the allocation of this advertising to municipalities through the InKind Advertising Program.

Amended Blue Box Program Plan

In August 2017, the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change directed the Authority and Stewardship Ontario to jointly develop a proposal for an amended Blue Box Program Plan.

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