The RPRA Circular Economy Learning Series has been designed to help businesses and municipalities understand and adapt to Ontario’s new resource recovery and circular economy initiative. Watch this space to participate in our upcoming in-person events, webinars and other learning opportunities.

Upcoming Events

The second event in our Circular Economy Learning Series is Understanding Ontario’s New Batteries Regulation, which is designed to help those affected by the regulation understand and meet their obligations and participate in the new market for recycling, reusing and refurbishing batteries. See below for the various sessions.

  • Webinar – March 10
    Listen to the webinar recording or view the presentation slides.
  • In-person workshop – April 8 in Toronto
    This event has been cancelled in an effort to safeguard the health of our staff and stakeholders from COVID-19. This event will be replaced by a weekly webinar series, “Ask the Registrar.” 
  • “Ask the Registrar” weekly webinar series – April 1 to April 22
    This series will provide an online venue for stakeholders to engage RPRA’s Registrar, Pat Moran, and ask questions about the new Batteries Regulation, and for the Authority to present new information and any clarifications. Participants are encouraged to send their questions ahead of time to ensure the Registrar addresses them in the webinar series. Please send your questions to

RPRA also presented at a webinar hosted by the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) on March 11 to explain how municipalities are specifically affected by the regulation.

To learn more about the new Batteries Regulation and regulatory framework for battery recycling in Ontario, visit our Batteries page.