Barrels of Hazardous Waste

RPRA’s Hazardous Waste Program Registry

Generator-Focused Information Sessions

On September 15 and 20, 2022 we hosted two sessions on Hazardous Waste Program Registry for generators. This webinar was designed to help generators learn more about the HWP Registry, delegation and how to get ready ahead of November 15.

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Carrier and Receiver-Focused Information Sessions

On August 10 and 11, 2022, we hosted two sessions on the Hazardous Waste Program Registry: one for carriers and one for receivers. These webinars were designed to help carriers and receivers understand how to use the HWP Registry ahead of the new system opening for account creation on November 15, 2022 and how to support generator clients with the delegation process as an authorized generator delegate.

We also presented a live demo of the registry, which showcased the functionality of creating a new manifest on the mobile app and how the information submitted through the app is replicated in the desktop application (i.e. live synchronization). This demo was created and led by our technology partners, PwC Canada and Vyana.

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Introduction to the Hazardous Waste Program Registry

During the week of June 27, 2022, we hosted a series of webinars to provide an overview of the Hazardous Waste Program (HWP) Registry and what users can expect leading up to the launch of the new system. Topics included:

  • What is the HWP Registry?
  • Development of the registry
  • What’s changing as of January 1, 2023?
  • Essential information to prepare for the launch

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These webinars are part of a series of information sessions for future registry users focused on training and guidance. The sessions will support obligated parties to use the system ahead of the registry launch in the winter.


If you have questions about your requirements under the regulations, please contact the ministry at

If you have questions regarding the new HWP Registry, please contact RPRA at