The Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority was created in November 2016 by the Government of Ontario to support the transition to a circular economy and a waste-free Ontario. We receive our authority from the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016 (RRCEA) and the Waste Diversion Transition Act, 2016 (WDTA).

Under the WDTA, we oversee two waste diversion programs – Blue Box and Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste (MHSW) – and their eventual wind-up.

Under the RRCEA, we enforce individual producer responsibility (IPR) requirements for producers of Tires, Batteries, and Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing existing waste diversion programs until they are wound up.
  • Approving wind-up plans developed by industry funding organizations and overseeing their implementation.
  • Developing and operating a registry for producers responsible for materials under the RRCEA to register with the Authority and report on waste recovery.
  • Managing, analyzing, and reporting on the information in the registry.
  • Carrying out compliance and enforcement activities.
  • Fostering the circular economy to spur innovation and protect the environment.

Our Vision

A circular economy today for a waste-free tomorrow.

Our Mission

Support compliance with individual producer responsibility through education and enforcement to foster Ontario’s circular economy, spur innovation, and protect the environment.

Our Values

Integrity: We believe in working in ways that consistently earn the trust and respect of our colleagues and those we regulate and work with outside the organization in achieving the Authority’s mandate. Open dialogue and transparency are key to achieving this trust.

Inclusion: Our practices continuously evolve to ensure we reflect and include the value of diversity (ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, education, faith, culture, race, perspectives, work experiences, and lifestyles) in our every day work. We acknowledge that we operate in a changing society and we will reflect that change in our work.

Collaboration: We work with team members, colleagues, stakeholders, and partners to build consensus and solve problems, recognizing our obligation to deliver on our regulatory mandate.

Innovation: We create, and seek to support others in creating, new solutions by listening, learning, and being open to new ideas and approaches.

Fairness: Our policies, systems, and practices are designed and implemented based on principles that ensure the realization of our mission without favoritism or discrimination. We will begin by assuming positive intent.

Accountability: We acknowledge and take responsibility for our actions, decisions, and policies, ensuring they meet the spirit of our values and reflect the mandate in which the Authority has been entrusted.