Individual Producer Responsibility 101

On Tuesday, December 3, 2019, the Authority hosted Individual Producer Responsibility 101, a free half-day workshop on Ontario’s new Individual Producer Responsibility regulatory framework, as well as a webinar on the same topic on Thursday, December 5.

IPR 101 was led by the Authority’s Registrar Pat Moran and provided important and practical information and insight into Ontario’s new regulatory framework for supporting a circular economy and how to participate in the new emerging markets.

The event featured speakers from RPRA, the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, the Competition Bureau of Canada, and key players in the tire recycling industry. Take a look at the video highlights from the December 3 event below.

Frank Denton, RPRA’s CEO, introduces the first event in RPRA’s Circular Economy Learning Series, Individual Producer Responsibility 101.

Charles O’Hara, Director, Resource Recovery Policy Branch, Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, speaks to Ontario’s approach to producer responsibility.

Pat Moran, RPRA’s Registrar, discusses how Ontario’s approach to producer responsibility is being implemented.

Pat Moran speaks to how RPRA is implementing the Tires Regulation.

Pat Moran breaks down what producers/service providers/PROs need to know in the new world.

John Pinard, Director of Information and Information Technology, RPRA, talks about the cybersecurity and privacy considerations built into RPRA’s Registry.

Roger Nassrallah, A/ Assistant Deputy Commissioner Monopolistic Practices Branch, Competition Bureau, Government of Canada, explains the role of the Competition Bureau in a competitive marketplace.

The panel discussion, moderated by Mary Cummins, RPRA’s Deputy Registrar, focuses on the transition to IPR. Panelists share their different perspectives on what they’ve learned so far, pulling from their experience with the tires transition. Panelists: Gordon Day, VP, Ryse Solutions Inc., Andrew Horsman, General Manager – Canada, CRM, Steve Meldrum, CEO, eTracks, Adam Moffatt, Executive Director, Ontario Tire Dealers Association and Pat Moran, Registrar, RPRA.