Blue Box Program

Stewardship Ontario is the not-for-profit, industry-funded organization that operates Ontario's Blue Box and Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste programs on behalf of industry stewards. The Program Plan can be found here.

The Continuous Improvement Fund (CIF) was created to help Ontario municipalities undertake best practice initiatives to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their Blue Box programs. The CIF Committee reports directly to the Authority for the purposes of carrying out the terms of reference of the Blue Box Program Plan.


Blue Box Program Documents


Blue Box Regulation

Blue Box Program Regulation


Blue Box Ministerial Correspondence

Ministers Letter re 2015 Blue Box Obligation June 16 2015

Ministers Letter re BBPP Review October 2008

Approval of Cost Containment Changes August 11 2005

Cost Containment Plan rev. January 31 2005

Approval of Cost Containment Plan December 30, 2004

WDO Submission of Cost Containment Plan July 12, 2004

Request for Cost Containment Plan December 22, 2003

BBPP Approval Letter December 22, 2003

Blue Box Program Request Letter


Blue Box Program Plan

Blue Box Program Plan

Amendment to the Blue Box Program Plan re. CNA-OCNA

Amendment to the Blue Box Program Plan re. CIF

Cost Containment Plan

Final Revised Cost Containment Plan January 31 2005


Blue Box Program Agreements

Blue Box Program Agreement 2017

Blue Box Program Agreement 2016

Blue Box Program Agreement 2015

Blue Box Program Agreement 2014

Blue Box Program Agreement 2013

Blue Box Program Agreement 2012

Blue Box Program Agreement 2011

Amended and Restated Blue Box Program Agreement 2010


Dispute Resolution

Stewardship Ontario Dispute Resolution


Blue Box Consultation

2003 Stakeholder Consultation

Blue Box 2013 Fees and Information Session


Blue Box Reports

April 2009 Blue Box Program Plan Review Report with Recommendations

Municipal Report to WDO on Blue Box Funding

Blue Box Cost Containment Panel Report

Blue Box In-kind Program Report Oct 16 2015

AMO/Toronto letter re In-kind Advertising Program Recommendations