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A Message from the RPRA Board


On behalf of the Initial Board of Directors of the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA), I would like to reach out to all those interested in the future of resource management in Ontario.

Since the Waste-Free Ontario Act (WFOA) was proclaimed on November 30, 2016, the Board has met with the Honourable Glen Murray, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change and with Ministry staff for an orientation briefing. We have also met with the CEO and staff for an operations briefing and held our first Board meeting. Board members are grateful for the timely and professional support provided by RPRA staff during this busy time.

At its first meeting, the Board appointed a Vice-Chair and a Secretary-Treasurer, formed a series of Board standing committees and began work on the tasks before it – providing oversight of industry funding organizations and industry stewardship organizations under Schedule 2 Waste Diversion Transition Act; establishing capacity to register and receive reports from obligated parties under Schedule 1 Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act; and, carrying out compliance and enforcement under both Schedules. To help us deliver this ambitious objective, the Board will, over the coming year, be recruiting six additional members with skills and expertise appropriate to RPRA’s responsibilities.

The Board is committed to building capacity to carry out the objects of the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority. To this end, work has begun to recruit a Registrar and other staff and to scope and establish the Registry. We are also working to build a new RPRA website through which we can communicate with you regularly as our work progresses.

Meanwhile, if you wish to communicate with us, please do so by email at

Your engagement in the work required to transition Ontario to a circular economy is important and we look forward to your involvement in this transition process.

While we are eager to get on with our important task, we, like you, will be taking time for family and friends over the coming weeks. On behalf of the Board and staff of the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority, I would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season.


Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority

Glenda Gies