2016 Short Form Datacall

The Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority is pleased to announce that we will be launching the new 2016 Short Form Datacall, along with the 2016 Full Form Datacall, on March 1, 2017.

The Short Form Datacall
The Short Form Datacall project was undertaken in response to municipal requests that we simplify the submission of the annual Municipal Datacall for smaller municipal programs in Ontario.

The Municipal Industry Program Committee (MIPC) Datacall Steering Committee selected through an RFP process, Recyclable Materials Marketing (ReMM) to conduct the consultations with municipal programs and Reclay StewardEdge to perform the analysis.

The consultation by ReMM was completed in November and Reclay StewardEdge provided their review and analysis to the Authority at the end of 2016. The results of the consultation and Reclay StewardEdge’s analysis were reviewed with the MIPC Datacall
Steering Committee.

Based on feedback from municipal programs, including the recommendations of MIPC:
• All non-Blue Box questions were removed to create the Short Form Datacall.
• Municipal programs with a population less than 30,000 are eligible to complete the Short Form Datacall.

All municipal programs will receive their Datacall log-in at the end of February. If a municipal program is eligible for the Short Form Datacall (i.e., a population less than 30,000) they will then receive a log-in that will allow them to complete either the Short Form or Full Form Datacall.

Since the Short Form Datacall eliminates all non –Blue Box questions, eligible municipal programs that elect to complete the Short Form Datacall will not receive a diversion rate for their municipal program. If your municipal program is eligible to complete the Short Form Datacall but you would like a diversion rate, you must complete the Full Form Datacall.

RPRA will continue to work with municipal programs to improve the Short Form and Long Form Datacalls for the future.

Other Datacall Updates
This year the Authority conducted a comprehensive review of the Datacall User Guide and FAQs. The intent of the review was to improve the guide provided (i.e., no changes were made to the Datacall reporting protocols, but where there was ambiguity, the instructions were clarified).

These documents were reviewed by MIPC and municipal staff volunteers. Continuous Improvement Fund (CIF) staff was also provided an opportunity for feedback.

The User Guide and FAQs are now available.

To assist with your 2016 submission, the Datacall page currently links to the 2015 Datacall (previous year). As the questions, have not changed, we encourage you to review your 2015 Datacall submission, to help prepare for the 2016 Datacall.

The Datacall Team is available to assist municipalities with the submission of their 2016 data with a one-on-one meeting. Please contact datacall@rpra.ca to schedule your meeting with a member of our team.

The 2016 Municipal Datacall (Short Form and Full Form) will be available for municipalities to begin 2016 Datacall reporting on Wednesday, March 1, 2017. The deadline for the report submission is at 4:00 pm (ET) Friday, April 28, 2017.

If you have not yet confirmed your contact information with us, please do so as soon as possible. For further information, please contact a member of the Datacall Team (datacall@rpra.ca).