A Message from the CEO, Michael Scott

“The old order changeth, yielding place to the new.”
Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1884

As some may recall, I joined Waste Diversion Ontario as CEO in June 2011 – almost 6 years ago. Today I want to inform you that I will be leaving the Authority as CEO on March 31, 2017.

Tennyson was right. Things indeed change and that which is new takes its place. In the case of waste diversion, the old order involved a range of players and recycled products, with an according array of accountabilities and experiences. Over the past several years the management of Ontario’s waste diversion under WDO’s oversight has grown in strength and diversity thanks to the dedication and professionalism of the stakeholders who have worked to divert as much material from our landfills as possible.

This Authority’s staff epitomize that dedication and professionalism. Theirs is a talented and hardworking team. Collectively and individually they have created an office culture that takes the work seriously, but seldom themselves. Their ability to laugh, to keep their work in perspective and to support each other makes them a special group. I shall miss them.

I shall also miss working with a very dedicated and skilled Board at WDO. They brought outstanding leadership experience and governance skills to the complex issues and lengthy agendas they were asked to address.

This work is not easy, nor is yours. It is demanding, complicated and, at times, even controversial. It involves countless discussions, reports, trips and meetings. It combines the work of policy leaders in government with the committed players on the front-line. It consumes the energy and effort of municipal staff and operators, privately owned and operated collectors and haulers, as well as processors working in the Blue Box , e-waste, used tire and municipal household waste sectors.

Sometimes our work peeks into the public realm, but most of the time we operate well below the public radar, performing an important if seldom highlighted public service.

The work goes on even as things change: new legislation and a new Authority are now well launched and led. Waste Diversion Ontario has transitioned into its new role. The new Board will now move the Authority forward under its important oversight mandate.

Suffice it to say, it has been my privilege to work with them – with all of you – in this sector.

As I head off to seek my own new world, I know two things: first, that skilled hands will continue running this important Authority; and second, that positive change never goes backward!

My sincere thanks to you all and my best wishes as you continue moving forward with your important work.