RPRA External Audit Services RFP – Q&A

The following questions and answers are provided as a matter of information to clarify questions raised about the RFP.

How many firms are already going to be providing proposals?
This information is not being made available.

Is there any available financial information to allow prospective vendors to better scope the required effort?
RPRA’s financial statements for December 31, 2016 showed these approximate amounts:
1. Total Assets $1.9M
2. Total liabilities $1.3M
3. Net assets $0.6M
4. Revenues $3.8M
5. Total Expenses $3.8M
6. Total revenues and expenses are each budgeted to increase to approximately $7.0M for 2017

In section 5.5, it states that “All proposals must include a statement of authorization to submit a proposal signed by a principal of the Vendor”. Can this requirement be met by simply including a statement, perhaps even in the covering letter, that indicates I am able to legally bind the firm?

Is it the intention that RPRA will end up taking over the direct responsibilities of the existing stewardships? If so, at what point will this occur?
No; the intention is that RPRA will oversee the existing stewardships directly, but will not assume their responsibilities. The timing of the windup of the IFOs will depend on the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change.

Can you give a sense of the expected number of revenue transactions and cash disbursements (expenses) for the year?
Although the revenue transaction and cash disbursements can vary significantly, recent history indicates annual revenue transactions could approximate 100 transactions for the year and total cash disbursements (excluding payroll) will likely be less than 200 disbursements.

How many employees does the organization expect to employ by year end?
RPRA expects to employ between 10 and 20 employees.

Will payroll be performed in-house or through the use of a third-party service provider?
Payroll will be performed in-house.

What will be the organizational structure of the accounting department?
The accounting department will consist of a Director of Finance (CPA credentials) and a bookkeeper.

What accounting system/software will be used?

Should the proposal include assistance with preparation of annual tax reporting?
Yes, the preparation of tax reporting is not significant as a NPO.

It looks like the auditor should anticipate meeting twice with the audit committee (planning and findings). Do you anticipate that the auditor will be asked to additionally meet with the board? Do you expect the auditor to attend the annual general meeting?
The auditor should anticipate meeting twice with the audit committee (planning and findings). The auditor may be requested to attend the annual general meeting, but this is not a requirement.

Can you explain what you are looking for in the relationship with your auditor?
Please see the RFP.

Are you open to meeting prior to the submission of the proposal?
No meetings will be held prior to submission of RFPs.

The RFP suggests that the financial statements are to be prepared in accordance with the accounting standards for not for profit organizations. Are you comfortable that you are not to use public sector accounting standards?
The financial statements are to be prepared in accordance with accounting standards for not for profit organizations, as indicated in the RFP.