RPRA Registry RFP – Q&A

The following questions and answers are provided as a matter of information to clarify issues raised about the RFP. To the extent that changes to the RFP are required based on the questions received, the RFP has been modified as noted above in the RFP section of this Addendum.

Question: Is there a form to submit for the Statement of Authorization requirement?

Answer: As outlined in section 5.1 of the RFP (page 21) included with the proposal should be the following:

• Re-signed Appendix A and B (conflict of interest and confidentiality undertaking);
• Statement confirming that the submitter is authorized to submit the proposal on behalf
of the company they are submitting for; and
• Statement that indicates contents of Appendix C on page 31 have been reviewed and
principles applied in the proposal.

The statements can be in the form of a covering letter or email.