Authority approves Residual Funds Addendum to MHSW Program Wind-Up Plan

The Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority has approved Stewardship Ontario’s (SO) Residual Funds Addendum to the Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste (MHSW) Program Wind-Up Plan.

The Residual Funds Addendum outlines the process of returning residual funds to stewards once the MHSW Program has ended and all financial obligations have been accounted for.

On December 20, 2019, the Authority received direction from the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks clarifying how residual funds must be managed once the MHSW Program ends and all financial obligations have been accounted for. The Minister directed that residual funds should be returned to stewards in proportion to their contribution to the funds for each MHSW category.

SO submitted a draft proposal to the Authority in January 2020 and the Authority consulted on the proposal with municipalities, stewards and other affected stakeholders. Visit the Authority’s consultation webpage to learn more about the consultation process and to read the consultation report summarizing the feedback received.

All other sections of SO’s MHSW Wind-Up Plan were approved by the Authority in December 2019.

For details on the implementation of the MHSW Wind-Up Plan, visit SO’s website or email

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