Hazardous Waste Program Digital Reporting Service Project Underway

The Authority has initiated preparatory work on the project to develop a digital reporting service for the Hazardous Waste program.

PwC Canada and Vyana have been selected as the technology partners to build the technical components of the digital reporting service, in accordance with the Authority’s Procurement Policy.

The new digital reporting service will replace the current Hazardous Waste Information Network (HWIN) and will include a bilingual Hazardous Waste registration and reporting portal, an electronic manifesting and tracking capability and a mobile app.

The Authority and its technology partners will work in close coordination with the ministry and affected stakeholders, including generators, carriers and receivers of hazardous and liquid industrial waste throughout the development and implementation of the new digital reporting service. We anticipate engaging stakeholders in the coming weeks when the project formally kicks off.

Visit our Hazardous Waste Program webpage for more information about the registry project, including project timelines, progress and updates.

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