2021 Registry fees for tires, batteries and electrical and electronic equipment posted

The Authority has posted the final 2021 Registry fees for tires, batteries and electrical and electronic equipment (EEE).

These are fees that producers obligated under the Tires Regulation, Batteries Regulation and Information Technology, Telecommunications and Audio-Visual (ITT/AV) portion of the EEE Regulation under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016 (RRCEA) are required to pay to the Authority in 2021 to recover its operational costs, including costs related to building and operating the Registry, and compliance and enforcement activities.

View the 2021 Registry Fee Schedule for tires, batteries and EEE.

The 2021 Registry fees apply only to producers, consistent with the objectives of the RRCEA to hold producers individually accountable and financially responsible for the products and packaging they supply into the Ontario market. Producer responsibility organizations (PROs) and other service providers such as collectors, processors and haulers are not required to pay Registry fees.

The Authority’s 2021 Registry fees also continue to be based on a mixed variable and fixed model to ensure equity and fairness for small and medium-sized businesses and to support the objectives of the producer responsibility framework of the RRCEA:

  • For tires, the Authority has maintained the base 2021 Registry fees for large producers at the same level set in 2020 at 13.5 cents/tire. There was no material surplus or deficit in the program in 2020 to require an adjustment in the base fee in 2021. The de minimis threshold and $75 flat fee for small producers remains the same.
  • For batteries and EEE, the base 2021 Registry fees for large producers has been set at 4 cents/kg, a 0.6 cent/kg increase from 2020 due to a deficit in the program in 2020. For small producers, the de minimis threshold has been aligned with the regulations and a new $75 flat fee has been introduced to be consistent across all RRCEA programs.

The Authority consulted on its proposed fees from March 30, 2021 to May 14, 2021. The Authority considered all feedback received during the consultation as it finalized the fees. Visit our consultation webpage to learn more about the consultation process and read the consultation report.

The Authority intends to consult on 2021 Registry fees for Blue Box materials and Hazardous and Special Products (HSP) when the final Blue Box and HSP regulations are released. This second consultation will also provide details on proposed Registry program budget allocations for 2021. Any difference between revenues generated through the 2021 Registry fees for tires, batteries and EEE and program budgets allocated following the release of the Blue Box and HSP regulations will be reconciled when setting 2022 fees.