The Registry is now open for 2019 Tire Supply Reporting

The Authority’s Registry is now open for tire producers to submit their 2019 Tire Supply Report and pay their annual Registry fee.

Producers can access the report by logging into their Registry account.

This year producers will be reporting the units and weights of tires supplied in 2019, which, along with data previously submitted for the 2018 and 2017 reporting years, will be used to calculate their 2022 collection target.

Producers may be required to provide an audit report with their 2019 tire supply report. This report must be uploaded to the Registry when submitting the supply report. Refer to the Registry Procedure: Tire Supply Audit Procedure for more information.

Producers who chose to identify a separate charge related to resource recovery in 2019 may also be required to submit a visible resource recovery fee verification report. This report must be submitted via email to Refer to the Registry Procedure: Visible Resource Recovery Fee Verification for Producers for more information.

The deadline to submit the tire supply report, audit report and visible fee verification report is June 30, 2021.

Visit our tire producer page for more information.