Registration now available for HSP haulers, processors and disposal facilities

Under the Hazardous and Special Products (HSP) Regulation, haulers, processors and disposal facilities are required to register with the Authority. The deadline in the HSP Regulation for service provider registration is July 31. The Authority recognizes that additional time for registration is needed. As the regulator responsible for enforcing the HSP Regulation, the Authority is giving service providers until August 31, 2021, to register.

Are you an HSP service provider?

Haulers and processors of automotive materials (oil filters, oil containers and antifreeze), solvents, paints and coatings, mercury-containing devices (barometers, thermometers and thermostats) and pressurized containers (refillable propane containers, non-refillable and refillable pressurized containers) must register. Haulers and disposal facilities of pesticides must also register.

The HSP regulation provides the following definitions:

  • An HSP hauler is a person who arranges for the transport of HSP that are used by consumers in Ontario and are destined for processing, reuse, refurbishing or disposal, but does not include a person who arranges for the transport of HSP initially generated by that person.
  • An HSP processor is a person who processes, for the purpose of resource recovery, HSP used by consumers in Ontario.
  • An HSP disposal facility means a facility at which pesticides are disposed of.

How to Register

If you are an HSP hauler, processor or disposal facility, complete the registration form below and email it as an attachment to

HSP Regulation Registration Form – Service Provider

For more information on the regulation and upcoming key dates, visit our HSP webpage.