Municipal Funding Allocation Model (MFAM) simplified

The Authority has approved changes to the Municipal Funding Allocation Model (MFAM), which is used to distribute funding from Blue Box program stewards to municipalities and First Nation communities, in order to simplify the model to better support the program’s transition to Ontario’s new producer responsibility regulatory framework.

The changes address needed technical adjustments to the model as well as simplify the calculation for allocating funds among programs, making it easier for programs to understand and predict the funding received during the program’s transition.

The amended MFAM will now use a fixed percentage approach that gives all programs the same percent funding of their reported net cost. The fixed percentage will be based on the steward funding obligation divided by reported net costs for the year.

Between June 21 and July 16, 2021, the Authority consulted stakeholders and, based on the positive feedback, approved the proposed changes for immediate implementation for the 2022 funding year. The 2022 funding allocation is anticipated to be determined and communicated to municipalities and First Nation communities later this winter.

Visit our consultation webpage to learn more about the process and read the consultation report.