RPRA launches consultation on Stewardship Ontario’s simplified steward fee-setting methodology

RPRA is consulting with Blue Box Program stakeholders on Stewardship Ontario’s proposal to simplify the fee-setting methodology for stewards during the program’s transition period between 2023-2025.

Following consultation with stakeholders, Stewardship Ontario submitted its recommendation to RPRA to amend the Blue Box Program Transition Plan to include the revised fee setting methodology. Read the proposed addendum.

If approved, the simplified methodology would eliminate the need for most stewards to report supply-to-market data to Stewardship Ontario starting this year with the 2022 reporting cycle (for 2023 invoices) through to the end of the Blue Box Program transition period on December 31, 2025. For a high-level summary of the methodology, review RPRA’s consultation overview.

Stakeholders can submit feedback on the revised methodology by email to consultations@rpra.ca. All feedback must be received by RPRA on or before Friday, February 4, 2022.

RPRA will consider all feedback received during the consultation in reviewing Stewardship Ontario’s proposal. Stakeholder feedback will be summarized in a consultation report that will be posted to RPRA’s website following the consultation period.

Visit the consultation webpage for more information.