Update on submitting supply data to RPRA in 2022

Producers obligated under Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016 (RRCEA) regulations are required to report supply data through RPRA’s Registry annually.

RPRA recognizes that additional time is needed for producers to submit their supply data in 2022. As the regulator responsible for enforcing the regulations under the RRCEA, RPRA is allowing registrants more time to collect the information needed for reporting.

The 2022 supply reporting timelines are outlined in the table below. Producers will be notified via email when their Registry portal opens for supply reporting.

ProgramSupply reporting deadline as set out in each applicable regulationSupply reporting deadline set by RPRAAdditional information
BatteriesApril 30, 2022July 4, 2022Battery producer webpage
Blue BoxApril 30, 2022October 31, 2022Blue Box producer webpage
HSPJuly 31, 2022October 31, 2022HSP producer webpage
ITT/AVApril 30, 2022July 4, 2022EEE producer webpage
TiresMay 31, 2022July 4, 2022Tire producer webpage

Lighting producers are required to register with RPRA by November 30, 2022. As part of the registration process, producers are required to submit supply data and pay the associated program fee. This registration deadline remains the same as stated in the regulation. The EEE webpage will continue to be updated with new information on requirements for lighting.

When will producers pay fees in 2022?

Producers will pay their 2022 RRCEA program fees when they submit their supply data report or complete the initial registration process, as outlined above.

RPRA is currently consulting on the proposed 2022 RRCEA program fees until April 25, 2022. The final fees will be posted to RPRA’s website following the consultation period and producers will be notified at that time. Learn more about the consultation process and how to provide feedback.

Have a question?

If you have questions about your reporting requirements, please reach out to the Compliance and Registry Team at registry@rpra.ca or 1-833-600-0530.