Municipal reporting under the Blue Box Regulation now open for communities transitioning in 2024

Under the Blue Box Regulation, municipalities and local services board areas are required to report to RPRA about their current Blue Box programs to help facilitate the transition to fully producer responsibility.

In the fall of 2021, all municipalities and local services board areas submitted their Initial Report, and that reporting process is now complete. Communities transitioning in 2023 also submitted their Transition Reports last fall.

Reporting is now open for communities transitioning in 2024 to submit their Transition Reports to RPRA.

When and how do I report?

Municipalities and local services board areas transitioning in 2024 are required to submit the Transition Report to RPRA by August 31, 2022. Communities must complete the Transition Report and email it as an attachment to by the deadline.

Communities transitioning in 2025 are not required to complete the Transition Report at this time. The deadline for those communities is August 31, 2023, and they will be notified by RPRA when reporting opens. The specific transition date for each community is outlined in the Transition Schedule.

Who must complete these reports?

A report must be submitted on behalf of each eligible local municipality or local services board.

If you are an upper-tier municipality or waste association, these reports must be submitted separately for each eligible community in your program.

A local municipality means a single-tier municipality or a lower-tier municipality, and a local services board has the same meaning as “Board” in the Northern Services Boards Act.

Resources to help you complete your reporting

For detailed guidance on completing the Transition Report, see our Municipal and First Nation Reporting Guide.

Watch our webinar on Municipal Reporting Under the Blue Box Regulation, which includes a walkthrough to complete your Transition Report.

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