RPRA is seeking a qualified vendor for the Development of a Recycling Efficiency Rate Verification Procedure and Resource Recovery Performance Audit Procedure

RPRA is seeking a qualified vendor to assist in developing procedures for:

  1. How to calculate and verify recycling efficiency rates (RER) of processing facilities for materials obligated under the Batteries, Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE; includes information technology, telecommunications and audio-visual equipment (ITT/AV), and lighting), and Hazardous and Special Products (HSP) Regulations, and
  2. Batteries, EEE, and HSP resource recovery performance audits.

The project will include consultation support to obtain feedback on the procedures from RPRA’s regulated community before the procedures are finalized, as well as internal training support for RPRA staff.

View the RFP for more information.

How to apply

All vendors must indicate their intent to respond to RPRA by completing and submitting the APPENDIX A. Intent to Respond form by 5.00 p.m. (EST) on August 17, 2022 to sranasinghe@rpra.ca cc: procurement@rpra.ca.

Associated documents that are referenced in the RFP can be found below.