Final Hazardous and Special Products Supply Data Verification Procedure now posted

The Authority has finalized and posted its Hazardous and Special Products (HSP) Supply Data Procedure. Producers of categories A (oil filters, non-refillable pressurized containers) and B (oil containers, antifreeze, solvents, paints and coatings, pesticides, refillable pressurized containers) will reference the procedure when submitting their first Verification Report to RPRA.

Review the HSP Supply Data Verification Procedure.

From June 1 to July 6, 2022, the Authority consulted on the draft HSP Supply Data Procedure. After the July 6 consultation closing date, RPRA continued to meet with stakeholders to expand on their feedback. Based on feedback received and information gathered through the consultation period, the Authority made the following decisions:

  • As the regulator responsible for enforcing the regulations under the RRCEA, RPRA’s Registrar is giving producers until the 2023 Supply Data Reporting deadline of July 31, 2023, to submit their first Verification Report of their 2022 data. The Registrar will consider producers in compliance if they can submit their first Verification Report by this date for their 2022 data. Producers are still required to submit their 2021 Supply Data Report by the October 31, 2022, deadline.
  • To develop a separate verification procedure for HSP instead of combining with other programs (e.g., tires).
  • All producers to be required to submit a one-time Verification Report in 2023.
  • To consult on two producer categories (i.e., large and small producers) at a later date. As a result of the decision to defer the first Verification Report submission deadline, the Authority will consult on producer categories in 2024 rather than in 2023.
  • Starting in 2024, only large producers will be required to submit a Verification Report and small producers will be subject to inspections.

Visit the consultation page to learn more about the consultation process and to read the consultation report summarizing the stakeholder feedback received.

Supply reporting is not yet open. RPRA will send out a communication to registered producers with more information on reporting once the Registry opens. Visit RPRA’s HSP producer webpage to learn more about your reporting requirements.