Participate in RPRA’s consultation on proposed 2023 Hazardous Waste Program Registry fees

From October 6 to November 21, 2022, RPRA is consulting on the proposed fees for the Hazardous Waste Program (HWP) Registry.

Starting January 1, 2023, generators, carriers, and receivers of industrial hazardous or liquid waste are required to report their waste management activities and pay fees through the HWP Registry.

Fees charged to users of the HWP Registry are to cover RPRA’s costs for building and operating the registry and providing support to users. As an administrative authority of the Government of Ontario, RPRA does not receive any government funding and recovers its costs through fees charged to regulated parties.

This proposal outlines the proposed HWP Registry fees and gives an overview of RPRA’s Cost Allocation Methodology.

From September 26 to November 10, 2022, RPRA is also consulting on proposed fees for the Excess Soil Registry and for producer responsibility programs under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016 (RRCEA):

Proposed 2023 fees for users of the Excess Soil Registry and RRCEA program producers are outlined in a separate proposal.

Provide your feedback

RPRA is hosting two webinars to walk through the HWP Registry fee proposal, answer questions, and gain feedback from registry users. Both sessions will present the same content, including an overview of all 2023 fees for RRCEA programs and Excess Soil and HWP registry users. Follow the links to register for the webinars:

Recordings of the webinars and presentation slides will be posted to RPRA’s website the day after they are held.

Feedback can be submitted by email to consultations@rpra.caAll feedback on proposed 2023 fees for the HWP Registry must be received by RPRA on or before November 21.

Learn more about the consultation process.