2023 RRCEA Program Fees for tires, ITT/AV, batteries, lighting, and Blue Box materials posted

RPRA has posted the final 2023 RRCEA Program Fees for tire, ITT/AV, battery, lighting and Blue Box material producers. View the fees here 

The proposed fee model and rates for the Hazardous and Special Products (HSP) program are undergoing further analysis. HSP producers will be updated in January. 

RPRA consulted on the proposed RRCEA program fees between September and November 2022, which included hosting two webinars to present the proposals, answer questions and receive feedback from registrants and other interested stakeholders. RPRA appreciates the feedback provided and considered all comments when finalizing the fees. View the consultation page. 

The fee models and rates for RRCEA programs for tires, ITT/AV and batteries, lighting and Blue Box materials was approved as proposed during the consultation. The model consists of a fixed flat fee for small producers and variable fees tied to supply volume for large producers. The final fee rates are unchanged from what was proposed.  

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