Participate in the consultation on defining battery and ITT/AV small and large producer categories for supply data verification

From December 16, 2022, to January 16, 2023, RPRA is consulting on the cut-off thresholds that determine if a producer is small or large so they understand if they are required to submit a Supply Data Verification Report. Beginning in 2023, only large battery and ITT/AV producers are required to submit a Supply Data Verification Report. Read the consultation proposal deck here.

Provide your feedback

Battery and ITT/AV producers are encouraged to submit feedback after reading the consultation proposal to by January 16, 2023. RPRA will consider all feedback received during the consultation period when revising the Batteries and ITT/AV Supply Data Verification Procedure with the cut-off thresholds.

Have a question?

For more information about the consultation, visit our consultation page or contact us at

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