RPRA no longer accepting registration or reporting deadline extension requests for RRCEA programs

Effective February 6, 2023, RPRA will no longer accept requests for extensions to registration or reporting deadlines for regulations under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016 (RRCEA).

Failure to submit registrations and reports with the required program fee is a serious contravention. The Registrar has several compliance tools to address non-compliance ranging from late fees, compliance orders, prosecutions, or monetary penalties issued in accordance with the Administrative Penalties Guidelines.

In accordance with the Risk Based Compliance Framework, RPRA will communicate to obligated parties, via email, about their reporting requirements in advance of submission deadlines. RPRA will also send deadline reminders and notify missed deadlines to obligated parties prior to taking further compliance action.

For more guidance, read the new Late Registration or Report Submissions Compliance Bulletin.