The 2022 Datacall is now open

The Datacall is the source of data for determining the net Blue Box system cost and for allocating funding under the Blue Box Program Plan. Each Ontario program (municipality, recycling association or First Nation community) providing recycling services must complete the Datacall to be eligible for Blue Box funding. RPRA also uses the Datacall to determine residential waste diversion rates by program and the province overall.

To be eligible for Blue Box funding in 2024, programs must submit their 2022 Datacall report to RPRA by no later than 4 p.m. on Friday, April 28, 2023. A 10% late penalty will be applied to submissions received after the deadline.

To submit the 2022 Datacall report, use the following link:

See below for information to help complete this year’s Datacall report.

Short-form Datacall Eligibility

If your program qualifies for the Short-form Datacall, the primary user at your municipality will be able to select either the Standard-form or the Short-form after they have logged in.

Datacall Training Tool

We’ve developed a training tool to assist you with the completion of the Datacall. The tool is for anyone new to completing the Datacall or who would like a refresher. You can walk through the tool before you begin filling out the Datacall or you can have it open in a second tab or screen while you complete each Datacall section.

Message for Programs transitioning in 2023

As part of the transition of the current Blue Box Program operated by Stewardship Ontario to the producer responsibility framework established by the Blue Box Regulation, many have received communication from the Authority notifying them that the 2021 Datacall was the last Datacall.

For the communities transitioning on or before January 1, 2024, the 2021 Datacall was the last Datacall for which your community was eligible to obtain funding. No further Datacall submission is expected on your part. We recommend that you download and save a PDF of your most recent Datacall submission for record keeping and auditing purposes.

Additional resources

Datacall participants received their login credentials from RPRA on February 21, 2023. If you did not receive the email, please contact

You can view RPRA’s consolidated Datacall reports here. Information regarding the Municipal Funding Allocation Model (MFAM) and your 2023/24 payments can also be found on our website.