Share your feedback on policies being developed by the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority. We are committed to engaging stakeholders through public consultations as a way to ensure transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of program delivery and policy development.

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Principles for Public Consultations

Inclusiveness and openness: Engage broadly with a wide variety of stakeholders, provide clear and understandable information, and make the consultation process accessible, comprehensible and responsive.

Timeliness: Engage stakeholders early before decisions are made and provide regular opportunities for engagement on key program and policy matters.

Accessible and cost effective: Consider a variety of tools and methods to gather feedback that promote efficient and cost-effective consultations.

Balance: Provide opportunities for diverse perspectives and opinions to be heard and considered.

Transparent: Record feedback, report back a summary to stakeholders, and synthesize feedback into programs and policies as appropriate.

Evaluation: Demonstrate the impact of public consultations on program delivery and policy development.