RPRA Excess soil fees consultation

Proposed 2022 Registry fees for excess soil

The Authority consulted on its proposed 2022 Registry fees for Excess Soil from September 27, 2021, to November 12, 2021. These are fees that registry users pay to cover the Authority’s costs for building, maintaining, and operating the Excess Soil Registry.

Registry users will be required to pay a fee upon completion of each initial notice filing, whether it’s a Project Area Notice, Reuse Site Notice, or Residential Development Soil Depot Notice. See links below for more information on the types of notices filings and when the initial notice filings will be required.

RPRA considered all feedback received in setting the 2022 Excess Soil Registry Fees and determined that no changes were required to the proposed fee structure and rates. In response to stakeholder feedback RPRA will issue refunds as required to Registry users if the final soil volumes submitted for Project Area or Reuse Site notices are less than initially estimated. RPRA is charging fees for Project Area notices based on tiers of variable rates tied to soil volume in order to protect smaller projects from higher fees, and recover its costs without undue risk of over- or under-collection.

The fees were approved on November 29, 2021. RPRA posted the final fees to its website on November 30, 2021, and stakeholders who took part in the consultation were notified on the same day. The wider stakeholder group was notified about the final fees on December 1, 2021.

Review the final 2022 Excess Soil Registry Fee Schedule.

Excess Soil Registry users and other interested stakeholders were invited to join one of two webinars to learn about the methodology and assumptions used to calculate the proposed fees, and to provide feedback:

The same information was presented at each webinar. Here is the summary of the authority’s answers to the questions asked during both webinars: Q&A summary.


In March 2021, the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) directed the Authority to develop, implement and maintain a Registry for obligated parties under the Onsite and Excess Soil Management Regulation by January 1, 2022.

The regulation sets rules and standards for the reuse of excess soil, requirements for the planning and tracking of reuse and disposal of excess soil, and requirements for certain procedures at larger soil reuse sites.

The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks is responsible for policy and programs related to excess soil and will continue to conduct compliance and enforcement activities under the Excess Soil Regulation. Please direct all questions related to the regulation to the ministry via MECP.LandPolicy@ontario.ca

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