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Proposed Use of OES Residual Funds to Offset RRCEA Program Fees for ITT/AV Producers

From Wednesday, August 10 to Friday, September 2, 2022, RPRA consulted on its proposed use of Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) residual funds to offset RRCEA program fees for ITT/AV producers.

RPRA requested feedback from stakeholders on how an interim transfer of OES residual funds to RPRA could be applied to offset ITT/AV producer 2023 program fee rates​, as well as how the remaining residual funds should be used once OES has wound up. View the proposal here.

RPRA hosted a webinar on Tuesday, August 23 to present the proposal, answer questions and gain feedback from stakeholders. View the webinar recording here.

ITT/AV producers were encouraged to submit feedback to consultations@rpra.ca by September 2. RPRA will consider all feedback received during the consultation period when finalizing the use of OES residual funds.


In February 2018, the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks directed the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Program to be wound up. OES was required to submit a wind-up plan (WUP) to RPRA, which was approved with conditions on August 20, 2019.

The approved OES WUP describes that residual funds remaining in OES after wind-up activities are completed will be transferred to RPRA to offset RRCEA Registry-related expenses. This provision is based on the Minister’s Direction issued in a letter to RPRA dated July 27, 2019, on the use of the WEEE program surplus and OES residual funds.

The approval of the OES WUP by the RPRA Board in August 2019 included a condition that OES shall cooperate with RPRA in consulting with stakeholders on additional details about the transfer of remaining OES residual funds to RPRA to offset Registry-related expenses and how the funds will be used.