Upcycling café and brewery ingredients into flours, baking mixes, oils and more

barley and flour

GroundUp eco-ventures, an Alberta-based company is upcycling coffee grounds and barley spent grain from local cafés and breweries to make protein-rich flours, skincare oil, and baking mixes. The company picks up the coffee grounds and dehydrates them to make them shelf-stable. They extract valuable oil from the coffee using their cleantech process and are used in the skincare and cosmetics industries. The remaining coffee grounds are milled into the right consistency for flour. The flour has a dark colour and nutty, chocolate taste with more protein per gram than whole wheat flour.

The brewers spent grain goes through a similar process, it is dehydrated and milled into a flour consistency. This barley saved-grain flour has more than three times the fibre of whole wheat flour. Read more.

Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash