2022 Interim Reporting for HSP Processors now open

Processors of categories A (oil filters and non-refillable pressurized containers), B (refillable pressurized containers, antifreeze, oil containers, paints and coatings, solvents and pesticides) and C (mercury-containing barometers, thermometers and thermostats) under the Hazardous and Special Products (HSP) Regulation are required to submit a 2022 Interim Report that contains the recycling efficiency rate (RER) of each material at each of the processor’s facilities.

The deadline to submit the RER report to RPRA is July 31, 2022.

What do processors need to report?

Processors must submit a report with the RER for each type of HSP they process. The report must be verified by a licensed engineering practitioner who holds a license under the Professional Engineers Act.

In accordance with the HSP Verification and Audit Registry Procedure, the verifier must prepare a verification report that includes:

  • a description of the methodology used by the verifier,
  • the information reviewed by the verifier; and
  • the results of the verification.

RPRA will hold a consultation with registrants and other interested parties to develop a more detailed verification procedure at a future date. More information will be posted on RPRA’s website once the consultation opens.

How to submit the report

Processors must submit their report by emailing it to registry@rpra.ca with “Processor 2022 Interim Report” in the subject line by the July 31 deadline.

Note: RPRA will be posting an approved list of HSP processors on its website early fall 2022. Processors who do not submit a verification report will not be included in the approved list. For the 2023 to 2024 performance periods, producers, and PROs on behalf of producers, who are meeting management obligations using recovered resources from processing, may only do so with an HSP processor that meets the RER calculation and verification requirements outlined in the procedure.

Have a question?

Visit our HSP processor webpage for additional information on reporting.