RPRA’s Registry is now open for Battery, ITT/AV, and Lighting Supply and Performance Reporting

RPRA’s Registry is now open for Supply and Performance Reporting for batteries, information technology, telecommunications, and audio-visual (ITT/AV) equipment and lighting.

The deadline to submit these reports to RPRA is April 30, 2023. Effective February 6, 2023, RPRA will no longer accept requests for extensions to registration or reporting deadlines for regulations under the RRCEA. Learn more.

See below for more information on supply and performance reporting.

Supply Reporting

Single-use battery producers are required to annually report to RPRA the weight of the batteries they supplied into Ontario in the previous calendar year. Rechargeable battery, ITT/AV and lighting producers are required to annually report to RPRA the weight of the materials they supplied into Ontario two years prior. Supply data submitted to RPRA is used to determine a producer’s management requirement for the following year.

Producers will also need to pay their 2023 Program Fees when submitting their supply report. As of January 1, 2023, RPRA will collect 13% HST on all fees at the time of payment. Learn more.

Beginning in 2023, only large producers of batteries and ITT/AV are required to submit a Supply Data Verification Report. Small producers will no longer be required to submit a Verification Report but will be subject to inspections. For the purpose of Verification Reporting, the definitions of small and large producers in the Batteries and ITT/AV Supply Data Verification Procedure is different than the definitions in the Batteries and Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations. View our battery and ITT/AV FAQs to determine whether you are a considered a large or small producer for Verification Reporting. Learn more.

Important information to note:

In December 2022, the Ontario government amended the Batteries Regulation. Producers that have a management requirement less than 1.25 tonnes for rechargeable batteries or less than 2.5 tonnes for single-use batteries are no longer required to report to RPRA, they are only required to keep records. Learn more.

Producers who have not yet submitted their Supply Data Report and/or a sufficient Supply Data Verification Report from 2022, are out of compliance and must submit these reports prior to beginning their reporting for 2023. These producers may be subject to compliance action by RPRA.

Performance Reporting

Battery and ITT/AV producers, haulers, refurbishers, processors and PROs are required to annually report to RPRA on their recovery and management activities from the previous calendar year(s).

Most producers will work with a PRO to meet their mandatory collection and management requirements, including the submission of their annual performance report. In order for a PRO to submit the performance report for their producer clients, producers must identify them in RPRA’s Registry.

Note: lighting producers will submit their first Performance Report in 2024.

Resources to help you with reporting

To support registrants with reporting, RPRA has developed a library of resources, including step-by-step guides on supply and performance reporting, compliance bulletins and registry procedures. View our Registry Resources webpage.

For more information on your specific reporting requirements, visit the batteries, ITT/AV, and lighting webpages and click on your role under the “Roles” box on the right-hand side of the page.