Read RPRA’s 2023 Annual Report  

RPRA’s 2023 Annual Report is available now in  English  and  French

What’s in our Annual Report 

  • Key activities accomplished in 2023 in compliance, communications, service delivery and the ongoing Blue Box program transition  
  • Our 2023 financial performance and audited financial statements 

We have also updated the Resource Recovery Reports webpage to include updated supply and recovery data reported in 2023 for Blue Box, HSP and Lighting, and updated the Compliance Activity webpage with 2023 information and metrics.   

What’s on the Compliance Activities page 

  • Key data such as the number of inspections opened and closed, free riders brought into compliance, and Producer and PRO counts  
  • Downloadable Excel with historical data  

What’s on the Resource Recovery Reports page 

  • Updated resource recovery targets and supplied tonnes reported in 2023 for the Blue Box, Lighting and HSP programs  
  • Recovery data for oil filters and non-refillable pressurized containers (both HSP materials) reported in 2023 

Register to attend our Annual Public Meeting virtually on June 18, 2024. During the meeting, Board Chair Robert Poirier, CEO Noah Gitterman, and Registrar Mary Cummins will speak to highlights of the 2023 Annual Report.