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Blue Box PROs

A producer responsibility organization, or PRO, is a business established to contract with producers to provide collection, management and administrative services to help producers meet their regulatory obligations under the Blue Box Regulation, including:

  • Arranging, establishing or operating a collection or management system
  • Arranging, establishing or operating promotion and education system
  • Preparing and submitting reports
  • Representing a producer for any purpose under the regulation

A processor retained by a producer solely for the purposes of processing Blue Box material is not a PRO.

PROs operate in a competitive market and producers can choose the PRO (or PROs) they want to work with. The terms and conditions of each contract with a PRO may vary.

2022 Blue Box Regulation amendments and the removal of the rule creation process

On April 14, 2022, the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks amended the Blue Box Regulation, which included removing the rule creation process and allocation table as the tools to create and maintain the Blue Box collection system. To replace these tools, the amended regulation required PROs to submit a report that outlines how they plan to operate the Blue Box collection system on behalf of producers to RPRA by July 1, 2022, ensuring that materials are collected from all eligible communities (i.e., communities outside of the Far North) across the province. RPRA received the report by the July 1 deadline from Ryse and Circular Materials Ontario (CMO). Learn more.

Signing up with a PRO

The following PROs are registered with the Authority. Click the PRO’s name for their contact information.

Important considerations about working with PROs:

  • Producers are not required to sign up with a PRO. It is a business decision if a producer chooses to work with a PRO, and a producer can choose to meet their obligations without a PRO.
  • Producers can have a different PRO for meeting their collection, management, promotion and education, and reporting requirements, and they can enter contracts for each at different times.
  • As outlined in the amended Blue Box Regulation (April 14, 2022), rule creation is no longer a service provided by PROs to producers.

How to register as a PRO

PROs are required to register with the Authority within 30 days of being retained by a producer. To assist Blue Box producers in identifying the PROs they want to meet their collection and management requirements, PROs are encouraged to register with the Authority as soon as possible.

If you are interested in registering as a Blue Box PRO, contact our Compliance and Registry Team at 833-600-0530 or registry@rpra.ca.