Producers of Electronics and Batteries who missed the January 31 deadline are out of compliance and are required to register with the Authority immediately

Producers of information technology, telecommunications, audio-visual equipment (ITT/AV) and single-use and rechargeable batteries who did not register by January 31 are not in compliance with the Batteries and Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations. Producers are legally required to register with the Authority. Failure to register means you may be subject to compliance action.

Registering with the Authority will determine a producer’s individual collection, management, promotion and education requirements. Knowing this information will allow producers to contract with a producer responsibility organization (PRO) to meet these requirements or otherwise help them comply with the regulations. The longer a producer waits to register, the more difficult it will be to meet their collection and management system requirements in 2021. They may also face compliance consequences.

Note that even if a producer has signed a contract with a PRO to provide collection and management services on their behalf, they are still required to register with the Authority.

How to Register

If you are a producer of ITT/AV or Batteries, download the applicable registration form below and send it as an attachment via email to

Resources to Help with Registration

In response to frequently asked questions, the Authority has developed the following materials to support with registering as a Batteries or ITT/AV producer.

Our program webpages contain additional information about the new regulations, specific regulatory requirements, key dates and deadlines and webinar recordings:

For further support, contact us at or call 647-496-0530 or toll-free 1-833-600-0530.