Collectors will not be required to complete annual performance reports until further notice. This does not change any obligation to maintain records, which must be available for inspection as required.

Under the Tires Regulation, a collection site, other than a site operated by a municipality or the Crown, must accept:

  • used tires, including tires on rims, that are similar in size and weight to the new tires sold or supplied at the collection site
  • up to 10 tires per day from any person. If a collection site accepts more than 10 tires from one person on a single day, the collector must record the person’s name, contact information and the number of tires accepted at the site from that person (for audit purposes). The collector is also required to report the number of instances they did so to the Authority on an annual basis (beginning in 2020).

Sites operated by a municipality or the Crown must accept, at a minimum:

  • passenger and light truck tires
  • up to 10 passenger and light truck tires per day from any person
  • tires with rims

Additional information for municipalities can be found on our Municipalities page.

For all collection sites, a collector must accept used tires during normal business hours and is not permitted to charge for tire drop off.