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When and how do I register with RPRA as an HSP producer?

When to register as a producer 

Producers of oil filters and non-refillable pressurized containers, oil containers, antifreeze, pesticides, refillable pressurized containers, solvents, paints and coatings  

If the producer’s average weight of supply in 2018, 2019, 2020 was above the threshold in the table below, the producer was required to register with RPRA by November 30, 2021. Obligated producers who have not yet registered are out of compliance with the regulation and may face compliance action by RPRA. 

If a producer was not required to register in 2021, they must register on or before July 31 of the first calendar year that they exceed the threshold in the table below. 

Type of HSPAverage weight of supply from the previous three calendar years (tonnes)
Oil Filters3.5
Non-refillable pressurized containers3
Oil Containers2
Paints and coatings10
Refillable pressurized containers8

For assistance in calculating your average weight of supply, contact RPRA’s Compliance Team at  

Producers of mercury-containing barometers, thermometers and thermostats, fertilizers and refillable propane containers

If a producer met the definition of an HSP producer in 2021, they were required to register with RPRA by November 31, 2021.

If you meet the definition of an HSP producer after November 31, 2021, you must register with RPRA within 30 days. 

How to register as a producer

  1. Go to RPRA’s Registry at 
    • Note: The Registry will not work with the Internet Explorer web browser. Google Chrome is the recommended web browser to use.
  2. Click “Don’t have an Account? Create a new Account”.
  3. Follow the prompts to fill out your account details. 
    • Information needed at time of registration: 
      • CRA business number, business name, address, contact information, and 
      • Name, contact information of the person who will be responsible for completing registration.
  4. You’ll receive an email with a link to create your password.
  5. Select the program you want to enroll in.
  6. Submit a supply report with the total weight of each type of HSP that was supplied to consumers in Ontario in the previous years. 

For more information and step by step instructions on how to submit a supply report, view our supply reporting guides here. 

Do the amendments to the Excess Soil Regulation made in April 2024, change anything for my organization?

“In April 2024, the Government of Ontario finalized amendments to Reg. 406/19: On-Site and Excess Soil Regulation (Excess Soil Regulation) and the Rules for Soil Management and Excess Soil Quality Standards (Soil Rules), which came into effect April 23, 2024. A key amendment made to the regulation means: Enhanced usability of project leader-owned or controlled storage sites (Class 2 soil management sites and local waste transfer facilities) and soil depots to allow for larger volumes of soil being managed without requiring a waste approval, now up to 25,000 m3 (previously 10,000 m3) with additional flexibility for public bodies and having greater alignment of rules across sites.

If you have questions about the Excess Soil Regulation or the amendments, contact the ministry at See our FAQ to see “Who needs to file notices?

Why is my credit card sometimes locked as the default payment method when paying HWP fees in the registry?

When your HWP invoice total is $500 or less, the default method for paying that invoice is automatically set to credit card. This feature aims to simplify transactions for smaller amounts and ensure a smoother payment process.

As seen in the image below, if your HWP invoice is $500 or less, the payment method will automatically be set to credit card. Once you click next, you will input your credit card details, then click pay. Your payment will process automatically. If an alternate payment method is required, please contact us.

Note: As of April 2024, all programs except for HWP, have the option to select from various payment methods, including bank withdrawal, credit card, electronic data interchange, electronic bill payment, and cheque, regardless of the invoice amount.

If your company is unable to pay an invoice by credit card, please contact RPRA’s Compliance Team at or (833) 600-0530.

How can I reset a password in the registry?

The account admin or primary user navigates to the program homepage of which the user requiring a password reset is enrolled in. The account admin or primary user then clicks their username at the top right of the page to show the drop-down list and selects Manage Users. 

In the Active Users table, the account admin or primary user clicks Reset Password on the row for the user they want to reset the password for and clicks Confirm. 

The user’s password has now been reset. They will receive an email with a password reset link. 

Note: the password reset link will expire within 24 hours. If the link expires before the user creates a new password, the account admin or primary must click “Reset Password” again to restart the process. 

See the FAQ: Who can reset passwords in the registry?  

What is an ECA or jurisdictional permit number and what if it is not recognized in the HWP Registry?

An Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) is a permission issued in Ontario by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks that imposes activity-specific rules to ensure businesses operate their facility, site or system in a manner that is protective of human health and the natural environment.  Activities that may require an ECA include hazardous waste transportation, landfilling, waste transfer or processing, private or municipal wastewater treatment, and general manufacturing.

ECA numbers are used on manifests to identify carrier and receivers in Ontario and to validate that all parties are approved to manage the selected waste stream.  If you are a carrier or a receiving facility, all ECA numbers must be linked to your Hazardous Waste Program (HWP) Registry account.

If your facility is located outside of Ontario, you may have been issued a similar permit or receiver number by your local jurisdiction with respect to your involvement in the handling of hazardous waste. You must link this permit number to your RPRA registry account to complete the receiver information on a manifest.

If the permit number is not accepted in the HWP Registry, please contact the ministry at and provide the following information in your request:

  • Contact information: phone number, phone extension (if applicable), and email.
  • Other jurisdiction approval number (if applicable)
  • Role (carrier or receiver)
  • Company name
  • Mailing address: address, city, postal code/zip code, province/state, and country
  • Receiving site information: address, city, postal code/zip code, province/state, and country
  • Waste information:

Can a producer choose to work with an external consultant?

Producers are obligated parties under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act and are ultimately responsible for their data submitted through RPRA’s Registry. Producers can choose to contract with an external consultant to support their data submission, but third parties have limited permissions in the Registry as they are not regulated parties.

A producer can choose to assign a primary or secondary user profile in their Registry account to an external consultant. An external consultant may submit supply data reports and/or pay registry fees on the producer’s behalf.

External consultants cannot submit and/or sign registration, executive attestations, account admin changes or supply data adjustment documentation on behalf of a producer. External consultants cannot be account admins, nor can they manage a PRO within the Registry on behalf of a producer.

Can I submit a partial payment for only the facilities I manage?

The HWP Registry is unable to accept partial payments for invoices issued to an account. Monthly invoices will include the applicable fees for all manifests completed during the previous month and will break fees down by facility. Consider an internal business process to bill back each facility as required.

See FAQ: Can we set up separate invoices for each facility within one account? 
See FAQ: What information is included on an invoice for HWP Registry fees?

What are the invoicing options for the various users in the HWP Registry?

AdminPrimary Secondary
Receive invoice notifications via email
Pay invoices in the Registry
Download invoices in the Registry
Filter invoices by facility, date, invoice number, payment status
View manifests with fees
Download manifests with fees reports
Receive separate invoices for each facility within one accountNot Applicable
Pre-payment of invoicesNot Applicable
Make partial payment to invoicesNot Applicable