Resources for Generators

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This page has training materials and resources designed to help generators access and use the Hazardous Waste Program (HWP) Registry. Here you will find:

  • Simulations to help practice performing the key steps in a task outside of the live Registry
  • How-To Videos that demonstrate the major steps that need to be completed when performing specific tasks in the Registry
  • Work Instructions that provide detailed directions to complete a specific task
  • Quick Reference guidance documents with high-level instructions for task completion

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Account     Delegation    Manifests     EGR-Spills


In this section, generators can find instructions to help set up and maintain an HWP Registry account. Click on the heading below for instructions and follow the steps in sequential order.


This section provides guidance for generators who delegate a service provider, or Authorized Generator Delegate (AGD), to submit information to the registry on their behalf.


Resources in this section provide instructions for manifesting a shipment as a generator. Follow the steps in sequential order below.


This section demonstrates how to add an Emergency Generator Registration (EGR) site in the Registry to facilitate the immediate cleanup and removal of waste from a spill or environmental emergency.