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  • Program: ITT/AV
    Topic: Producer , Registry , Reporting

    For the purposes of ITT/AV supply reporting verification:

    • “Large ITT/AV producer” means an ITT/AV producer with a minimum management requirement greater than or equal to 200,000 kilograms in the previous calendar year.

    To view your management requirements, log into your Registry account, download a copy of your previous year’s Supply Report and review the section with your minimum management requirements for your reporting year.

    Beginning in 2023, only large producers are required to submit a Supply Data Verification Report. Small producers will no longer be required to submit a verification report but will be subject to inspections. Review the Batteries and ITT/AV Supply Data Verification Procedure for more information.

  • Program: Batteries
    Topic: Producer , Registry , Reporting
  • Program: Hazardous and Special Products
    Topic: Producer
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